• 7 September 2016

New partnership with Quintivium

New partnership with Quintivium

New partnership with Quintivium 150 150 Stanton Wallace

diary-582976_640Take some quality time with yourself thanks to our new partnership with Quintivium.

Quintivium allows you to assess your life balance through an online questionnaire and a customised and personalised report.

The process enables you to look back on your previous realisations and anticipate what’s next, by letting you learn more about your spheres of self-realisation: professional, physical, emotional, ethical, and cultural.

Quintivium also proposes a collective approach that helps your company get a precise balance mapping.

Quintivium’s method is innovative, simple, and based off of the works of a Scientific Committee, fits with Stanton Wallace’s core values: sense, pleasure, and performance in individual and collective processes.

With this partnership, we wish to offer our clients the opportunity to use a powerful self-evaluation means, in order to offer them a still more relevant support in every aspect of their development.